Two Paintings, One Busy Weekend

Two Paintings, one weekend

The process of creating two small paintings during an open studios event

I was listed as doing "live painting demo" all day for two days of the Seekonk Open Studios tour on the first weekend in October. I had everything packed up to display and hang up my paintings on the beautiful enclosed patio of a fellow neighbor's home. After I was all set up, I reached for a blank canvas to put on my portable French easel, when I realized that I had forgotten my paint, brushes, palette, and solvents back at my studio.  In a panic, I dashed there and back again with just barely enough time before the event officially opened at 11am. Fortunately it was quiet the first hour so I got a good start on my first demo painting. Not entirely sure what to start painting, I was curious to see how blue mountains blending down into purple mountains would look, especially since they are analogous colors, applying many dots, throughout the day, and then smearing them with stand oil every other time a group of people visited my setup, in order to show them a live look at my paint process. Here are the several different phases of the first painting from Saturday:

Sunday I started work on a different canvas, this time inspired by the beautiful view of the home's lush and verdant backyard. While I put some colors down, I was in a bit of a rush because Sunday was a bit busier than Saturday was, so I ended up applying my "rain effect" significantly sooner in the process than if I was just painting in my own studio. Because of this some of the blues at the top didn't exactly match the lighter ones later in the process, but now I view the finished product as the sort of effect that a patchy cloudy-then-sun-then-cloudy day can impact the same colors to look darker in a passing shadow. Here's some progress shots while this second painting from Sunday was on the easel:

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This painting is so fresh off the easel that I haven't even had a chance yet to get a better photo. White at left is minor glare, surface is shiny and very glossy.

scattered shadows, chance of rain, $200

This painting is so fresh from under the paintbrush that I didn't have a chance yet to have it properly photographed. White at left is minor glare, surface is highly glossy.