Primavera Plein-Air Porch Painting

While it's been a relatively mild winter here in New England, at least in Rhode Island, anytime the temperature gets slightly about 45 suddenly everyone is outside walking in the park or has their vehicle in line at the car wash. Well, the last couple of days have been just that -- the temperatures have raised well up into the 50s and 60s, bringing on a sudden case of intense spring fever. I've been having a mild case of spring fever, starting my spring cleaning early with house projects and organizing, but now with warmer temperatures my case of spring fever was full-on infectious. 


After going to the gym and a walk around the woods of our local reservoir, I went into the studio and dug out an easel, blank canvas and paints and brought them out to the porch adjacent to the studio. I set up a little plein air painting station outdoors, using the patio table and chair as part of my setup. I didn't have an immediate idea of what I was going to paint, but as I got going, a vision of a field of pink, purple, and blue flowers all came to mind as part of this spring feeling. I also liked trying out this idea on this small canvas because blue, pink and purple are all cousin-colors, in that they're right next to one another on the color wheel, so they are a related color palette. 


I mixed a much lighter, more pastel version of each of the blue, pink, and purple hues, as I feel like the early colors of spring and Easter season tend to have a lighter, pastel-ish feel to them. I painted all the dots, and in between every other set of applying paint daubs I'd have to move the easel in from the edge of the porch just a little bit. I had started the painting at the end of the afternoon on the first day immediately after Daylight Savings gave us what felt like an extra hour of daylight in the evening, so I was outside painting as the sun was immediately at that golden hour, so I had pulled down the two roll-up sun shades that we have on the porch.... But it was so very windy that the sun shades kept flying in towards the painting, hitting me on the head even a few times. Another home project for next week will be to anchor the shades to a clip somehow to keep them from flying on windy days. 


I applied all the thick dots of paint, sprinkled stand oil over the canvas to get paint moving, and then used my paint brush and stand oil to create the "rain" effect of the painting. I allowed the dots to drip for about an hour before I applied the rain effect again. Then I returned to the canvas every few hours to modify the resulting drips. After dripping a few days, the drips finally stopped and here is the relatively final look of the painting. 

If you like the look of this painting, it's 12x12 inches and available for sale, just drop me a line for more info!