Featured Painting of the Day: Rainy Elysian Pond

I started a new painting inspired by one of the photos I’ve taken at the property where I stayed during an artist residency in North Carolina, and added in the idea of blue mountains behind the distant trees over the pond. In this painting, I really wanted to capture the diversity of some of the first spring greens on trees, grass, and evergreens. Before I started in on the painting, I first had to scrape off some of the extra paint to transfer it from my last palette setup to a fresh palette, with much more room now to mix these new greens. My first step was to tone the painting with green and blue, since those are the main bodies of color that will be on relatively each half of the painting. After that I used a bristle brush to stumble in the main lines and colors of the initial composition. Then I mixed a series of greens to fill in the different green areas.


I returned to my studio and continued work on this painting, added now more and more dots and daubs of colors that filled in the colors of the composition, being sure to include both lights and darks, and some secondary colors to compliment them. Once I had enough paint on the canvas to take a break, since I needed to let one section of the painting settle before I started on the next phase. it felt like it was taking me a long time to get all the initial detailed dots of paint onto the canvas.


I returned to the studio where I finally finished putting all the planned dots on the canvas, and then I started the process of making this painting “rain.” The colors started dripping together nicely and blending a little to start. Before I knew it, it was already 11:30pm.


Before leaving for the night to head back to the house to sleep, I decided it would be cool to record a time lapse video overnight with my tablet, to record the motion of the drips. So I set up my tablet to record, and then a pop-up window claimed that the device didn’t have enough storage space to store the data for the video. So I had to take another half hour to manage my tablet’s storage, deleting unused apps and redundant photos.


I finally got it setup and working to record a timelapse photo of the painting, so I headed home. I washed some laundry and then went to sleep around 2am. At least it had been a really productive day! 

Here's the timelapse video showing just how much the paint "rain" travelled down the canvas just overnight: