Day 2 of April Painting Per Day Challenge

The second day of my painting a day challenge brought me inspiration from my palette. Many times when I create a painting, I will put out most of the major colors on my paint palette, and sometimes I'll use a few colors more than the others, leaving big gobs of unused paint on my palette. So what I'll do next, so as to not waste paint, is I'll move that unused paint to a new palette and think of creative ways that I can use the existing colors in a new painting. 

For today, that took the shape of thinking about the many dark blues and greens of a dark and stormy day in the deep dark see. I used some of the darkest tones of prussian blue, ultramarine, cobalt blue, and veridian green, then I mixed each of those one or 2 steps lighter for the ocean pant daubs. For the sky i mixed a fairly cool neutral stormy gray using ultramarine, raw umber and white. This is my favorite way of making gray, then I added a little more of each of those base colors to get the right gray that I was looking for.

Here are a few photos of the painting in process. It is also now available in my online shop if you love it enough to want it in your home :) 


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