Day 1 of April Painting Per Day Challenge

Today started my self-imposed April Painting Per Day Rainy Day Challenge, in which I paint each day of the 30 days of April 2020. This is a rather daunting task given the nature of my multi-day paint processes for each rain painting. I had been planning to set up this goal, and given the fact that many people are stuck under a stay-at-home order or quarantine because of the COVID19 virus situation, I wanted to use this opportunity to brighten people's inboxes and give them something small to look forward to each day, even if it's only a small painting. 

This first painting is inspired by the view of a field of "amber waves of grain" with the the fiery colors of a sunset sky raining down on the landscape. Below I've included some of the different phases of this painting. This painting is still moving and changing slightly even at this posting, but it should still relatively retain the qualities of the original.


If you are interested in purchasing this painting, click here for the product info page.